We have been posting analysis and commentary on what we’ve seen happening in Australia’s National Electricity Market (NEM) at WattClarity® for many years.

On some (rare) occasions, we have found the time to delve deeper than normal and, as a result, have compiled something more detailed than can be provided on the WattClarity blog.

To provide you an opportunity to access these pieces of more detailed analysis, we have established this secondary site:

WattInsights™ #3 In October 2015, our CEO (Paul McArdle) spoke at All Energy in Melbourne. The topic of the presentation was the role that Demand Response might play in a (potential) future grid featuring high levels of intermittent generation supplies.

In order to prepare for this presentation, some detailed analysis was performed, as noted here.


WattInsights™ #2 In late 2014, our readers noted a mysterious jump in Queensland demand.

We explored the idea of performing more focused analysis, as noted here.


WattInsights™ #1 Summer 2012-13 was a particularly volatile time in the Queensland region of the NEM.

In order to answer a steady stream of questions we received from WattClarity readers, we commissioned a detailed report into the various factors contributing to this volatility.

This report is described here.


Please note that it will only be very sporadically that we add to the above list, as we’re not consultants, and writing detailed reports is not what we focus on doing.

Rather, if (for some other reason) we decide to perform some more in-depth analysis, we might make some results commercially available here….